` Ron Bronson | Web Strategy Director, Higher Ed, Developer & Speaker

Digital Strategy. Created my own conference#GGRGT

As you might have guessed, I'm Ron Bronson. Maybe you know me from twitter? Heard me on a podcast recently? No? Maybe a webinar this summer? Perhaps you saw video of me speak?
Or just need to see my my slides
You can see where I'll be speaking next.

I lead large cross-functional teams & leverage my skills as both a web developer, project manager and communicator to spearhead and launch enterprise web projects, primarily for colleges & universities. Along the way, I've gained a reptutation for being a thoughtful, passionate user experience advocate.
Yes, I really did I create a sport.

My philosophy: Work hard. Embrace the user's experience. I don't care who gets the credit, I just want the team to win.

©2014 Ron Bronson.

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